Catering Equipment Hire

Please find listed below our available catering equipment hire in Nottinghamshire products. For more information and enquiries regarding any of the catering equipment products available for hire, please contact Blue Crest Catering Equipment Hire in Nottinghamshire.

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Duchess Crockery
Plate 10.5’’/ 26cm
Luncheon Plate 9.5’’ /24 cm
Buffet/Dessert Plate 8’’/ 20 cm
Tea Plate 6.5’’/15.5 cm
Soup Bowl
Sweet Dish
Tea Cup & Saucer
Dinner Coffee Cup & Saucer Demi Tass
Sugar Bowl
Milk Jug 10oz
Gravy Boat 10oz
Salt & Pepper Set
Coffee Pot 30 Oz
Tea Pot 4 Cup
Oval Platter
Serving Dish
Butter Pad
Cake stand 2 tier
Hotelware Crockery white with blue or gold border
Dinner Plate 10 Inch
Buffet/Dessert Plate 8 Inch
Tea Plate 6 Inch
Sweet Bowl
Soup Bowl
Sugar Bowl
Milk Jug
Salt & Pepper Set
Tea Cup & Saucer
Coffee Cup & Saucer
Gravy Boat
Medieval Crockery
Dinner Plate
Side Plate
Dessert Bowl
Serving Bowl
Cutlery Utopia Signature (contemporary style)
Dinner Knife
Dinner Fork
Dessert Spoon
Dessert Knife
Dessert Fork
Soup Spoon
Tea Spoon
Table Spoon
Bead or Kings Style
Dinner Knife
Dinner Fork
Dessert Spoon
Soup Spoon
Tea Spoon
Coffee Spoon
Pastry Fork
Table Spoon
Fish Knife
Fish Fork
Wedding Cake Knife
Glassware (various)
Wine Glass 9 Oz
Wine Glass 12 Oz
Wine Glass 6 Oz Paris
Wine Glass 6 Oz Long Stem
Champagne Flute 5oz
Slim Jim Tumbler 10oz
Slim Jim Tumbler 8oz
Highball 10 Oz
Tumbler Flamenco
Shot Glass
Martini Glass 7 Oz
Cocktail Glass 7oz
Beer Glass Pint
Beer Glass Half Pint
Sherry Elgin 2oz
Spirit Glass 5 Oz
Brandy Glass
Port Glass
Trifle/Salad Bowl 9inch
Salad Bowl 12 Inch
Sundae Glass 7 Oz
Water Jug 1.5 Ltr
Punch Bowl C/W Cups
Table Linen
Table Cloth 70×70 Inch White
Table Cloth 70×108 Inch White
Table Cloth 90x90inch White
Table Cloth 70×144 Inch White
Napkin White
Table Cloth 90 Inch Round White
Table Cloth 120 Inch Round White
Table Cloth 70×70 Inch Cream
Table Cloth 90×90 Inch Cream
Table Cloth 70×108 Inch Cream
Table Cloth 70×144 Cream
Table Cloth 120 Inch Round Cream
Coloured Linen
Gas Equipment LPG
Hog Roast Manual Spit
Bbq 6ft Caterer
Bbq 3ft Cavalier
Griddle Masterchef
Bbq Tools
Hot Cupboard
6 Burner Range
Double Gas Ring
Water Boiler 5 Gallon
Patio Heater
Cooking Pot 60 Pint
Ramekin Dish
Steak Knife
Display Box Cake
Flower Bud Vase Glass
Cheese Board Wooden
Cheese Knife
Salad Server Wooden
Tray Melamine Serving Rectangular
Water Carrier 5 Gallon
Ashtray Glass
Plate Stacking Ring
Buffett Glass Clip
Bread Basket Wicker
Ham Stand
Cake/ Pie Server
Jug Serving Aluminium
Tea Pot 8 Pint Aluminium
Cool Box Large
Cool Box Small
Coffee Serving Jug Insulated
Champagne Bucket
Menu Holder
Soup Tureen
Roasting Dish S/S
Table Number Stand
Salmon/Buffet Mirror
Cafeetiere 12 cup
Air Pot Coffee Serving
Chafing Dish (Fuel Extra)
Jack Stand 84/104 Plates
Stainless Steel
Oval Undivided Veg Dish 10 Inch
Oval Divided Veg Dish 10 Inch 2way
Oval Undivided Veg Dish Lid
Oval Undivided Veg Dish 14 Inch
Oval Divided Veg Dish 14 Inch 2 Way
Oval Divided Veg Dish 14 Inch 3 Way
Oval Divided Veg Dish 14 Inch Lid
Oval Undivided Veg Dish 20 Inch
Oval Undivided Veg Dish 20 Inch 2 Way
Round Dish 10 Inch
Meat Flat Oval 12 Inch
Meat Flat Oval 14 Inch
Meat Flat Oval 18 Inch
Meat Flat Oval 20 Inch
Meat Flat Oval 24 Inch
Meat Flat Oval 26 Inch
Tray Serving Rd 14 Inch
Tray Serving Rd 17 Inch
Tray Serving Rd 16 Inch Anti Slip
Sugar Bowl
Milk Jug 10oz
Milk Jug 20oz
Gravy Boat
Sundae Dish
Salt & Pepper
Coffee/Tea Pot 5pt
Coffee/Tea Pot 3pt
Ice Bucket & Tongs
Serving Spoon Large
Salad Tongs
Salad Servers
Soup Ladle
Electrical Equipment
Bain Marie 2 Pot
Bain Marie 4 Pot
3 Lamp Heated Unit
4 Lamp Heated Unit
Microwave Commercial
Fryer Deep Fat Single
Hot Cabinet Parry
Hot Cabinet Moffat
Hot Cabinet with bain Marie Top
Cash Register
Toaster 4 Slice
Soup Cauldron
Insulated Hot Box
Oven 13 Amp
Hotplate Twin
Coffee Maker
Coffee Maker 55 Cups
Water Boiler 5 Gallon/20 Ltr
Water Boiler 6 Gallon/27ltr
Hot Cabinet Bain Marie top large with gantry
Chiller Bottle Glass Fronted 8 Cuft 5ft 6
Fridge Under Counter Type
Freezer Under Counter Type
Display/ Buffet Station
Ice Machine
Bistro Chair White
Bistro Chair Cushion
Samsonite Chair Brown
Dralon Padded Chair Blue
Childs Highchair
Table Trestle 6ft x 2ft 3″
4ft Round Wooden Table
5ft Round Wooden Table
5ft 6 Inch Round Wooden Table
4ft Round Patio Table
3ft Round Patio Table
Poseur/Café Table
Table Resin Catering
Dance Floor – per Sq Ft
Patio Parasol & Base
Coat Rail
Coat Hangers
Sale Items
Gas Propane 19 Kg. 5% Vat
Chafing Fuel
Delivery Box
Delivery Box Glass
More information & Catering Equipment Hire enquiries

For more information on any of our catering equipment available for hire in Nottinghamshire, please contact Blue Crest Catering Equipment Hire on 01623 750705 or Freephone: 0808 1085571. A member of our team is on hand and ready to help deal with your enquiry. For out of hours catering equipment hire enquiries, please message us via our contact and enquiries page and we’ll be in touch with you shortly to discuss.